Resin Systems

Epoxy & Polyurethane Coating systems are water-borne or solvent-based coatings that produce a 100-300 micron dry film thickness based on a two coat roller-applied system *Dependent on product and facility where Floor Team Industrial Ltd are installing

Heavy Traffic Areas

Limited Chemical Resistance

High Build Epoxy & Polyurethane Floors

Solvent free coatings that produce 300-1000 micron dry film thickness can incorporate anti-slip aggregates and has a gloss finish. Application -roller applied. Uses forklift & pallet truck trafficking, limited chemical resistance, for heavier traffic areas such as garages, engineering factories, aircraft hangers etc

Flow Screed Floors

Epoxy or Polyurethane screed systems are installed by hand trowelling or power trowelling and will usually include upstands or coved perimeters. They are highly chemical resistant and extremely impact and abrasive resistant. Systems can be extremely decorative. Installed in the chemical industry, food industry and petro chemical industry.

Heavy Manufacturing

Slip Resistant Wet Process Areas

Multi Layer Epoxy & Polyurethane Floors

Layered or sandwich systems with epoxy or polyurethane high build coatings. These layers are roller applied and encapsulating varying degrees of aggregate fillers to produce hard wearing, anti-slip surfaces. Designed for heavy manufacturing, wet process areas where slip resistant surfaces are required

Self Smoothing Polyurethane Floor Screeds

Polyurethane systems have an extremely fast curing time and are ideal for fastrac installation in pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries or where fast installations are required. 3-5 mm dry film depth with high chemical resistance , high abrasive resistance and excellent cleaning characteristics. Some products can be anti-microbial which will resist surface bacterial growth.

Larger Warehouse Areas

More Economical

Resin Systems Warehouse Flooring - Epoxy, Anti-Slip & Dust Proofing

Economical Epoxy systems or polyurethane systems for larger areas, will depend mainly on the condition of the existing concrete floor and the amount of surface contamination

The correct choice of surface preparation will ultimately determine the final epoxy or polyurethane finish

Remember a floor finish is only as good as the prepared substrate it is laid on, which makes surface preparation one of the most important stages prior to the installation of a professional resin surface