Floor Preparation

A finished floor is only as good as the surface it is laid on

We regard Surface Preparation as the main element to producing a successful flooring installation

It is therefore essential that due consideration of the preparation is based on the following information

  1. The compressive strength of the existing concrete substrate

  2. Moisture content or relative humidity within the concrete substrate

  3. Surface contamination i.e: oil penetration, grease, swarf build up, old coatings, adhesive and thin based underlays – these all require various methods of removal to produce a sound clean surface, prior to the installation of subsequent floor coatings and toppings

Vacuum Blasting

This system will propel an abrasive at a high velocity from a blast wheel onto the work surfaces. The blasting action is contained within a work chamber fitted with a unique combination of seals, which ensure efficient recovery of the abrasive via a separation section to the abrasive storage hopper

The linked dust collector ensures a dust free operation leaving a textured concrete. The substrate is mechanically prepared and will provide a key to all screeds and toppings. Laitance can be removed to yield a tougher and mechanical key

Concrete Floor Planing

This is a system of flails loosely mounted on a rotating drum, which hammer and scabble the surface to obtain the desired effect and reduction of concrete floor levels or remove friable build up of latance. This can also be used to remove epoxy screeds and coatings

Diamond Grinding & Surface Preparation

HTC Planetary Diamond Grinding, Vacuum assisted or wet applications. Four head machines that will remove surface coatings, surface latence and smooth rough or uneven floors to produce a smooth surface. This machinery can also be utilised for Diamond Polishing of Concrete & Terrazzo Floors

Removal of Oil Contamination

The system is a combination of propane gas and compressed air ignited in a chamber at a temperature of approximately 1,000 degrees centigrade which exits the head at 1,000 feet per second. This method is the most effective way to remove deep seated oil contamination from a concrete substrate

Floor Stripping & Diamond Grind Surface Preparation

1.1 Tonne Cable Free Eco Friendly Electric Ride on Stripper for removal of Vinyl sheet and tiles, ceramic tiles, wood block, prior to surface preparation. This aids the removal of adhesive latex to expose the concrete sub floor prior to planetary diamond grinding or subsequent preparation methods to overcome surface contamination. This will achieve a suitable clean concrete substrate for the installation of subsequent surface finishes

Ride on Industrial Floor Stripping