Floor Team Industrial Ltd
Concrete Floor Joint Repair Plating System

An innovative new process developed by Floor Team Industrial Ltd, which comes with a 100% lifetime guarantee!

100% Lifetime Guarantee

Highly Flexible & Hard Wearing

Installed for many of the UK's warehousing and logistics companies, Floor Team Industrial Ltd are paving the way for a whole new approach to concrete floor joint repairs.

The Floor Team Industrial plating process in the implementation of Industrial Grade Checker-Plate being recessed within the floor, and being finished to be flush with overall floor surface and para-bolted to secure in place. We have researched and developed a combination of materials and processes which provides both flexibility and total hard-wearing resistance to even the toughest of industrial traffic! The finished result is practical, maintenance-free and will last a lifetime!

Unlike conventional methods, the joints treated by the 'FTI' process will <u>never start to crumble or degrade. Once your concrete floor joints have been repaired with "FTI' joint repair process, you can carry on working with a totally level and seamless floor. No need to budget for further repairs in the future or for more expensive damage to forklift truck wheel bearings or plant.

Complete Professional Floor Solutions for your company.

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